Friday, July 22, 2005

Signs point to global flu outbreak -WHO warning

Some people are probably going to think I'm out of my mind and I'm a cruel person. But I'm going into my, uh, examination of the pending Bird Flu pandemic that many health experts are warning about with the mindset that this is a natural and necessary event. Basically, the HN51 virus is a mutated flu virus that is spread via birds, mostly chickens, and there is no known antibody for it. If the virus mutates into a human-to-human transferable virus, experts predict millions of people, predominatly in SE Asia and China will die from this virus before it's contained. You can read about it: Here

So, being the dark thinker I am, I'm going to play devil's advocate and say this is a good thing for our planet. No, I'm not saying I want millions of innocent people to die. That's not what I'm saying. What I'm saying is that if in fact this outbreak does occur, it's something our species needs. Simply put, the current human population of more than 6 BILLION is gobbling up more and more resources, destroying thousands of precious forests and open space every single day, polluting our water, air and soil and becoming increasingly more violent. Put too many bees in a jar and they'll start to kill each other.

Even here in the US, I think there are way too many people to happily live amongst ourselves at this point. Look at the things that are happening. Road rage, obesity, the explosion of stupid people, the dumbing down of our culture and rapidly expanding suburban sprawl just to name a few. Just think how nice it would be driving to work with no traffic on I-95 in the morning or sitting in your car for ten hours while you try to reach your vacation destination in the Outer Banks or Cape Cod. I dream of those days. We used to have them. No more.

Like many other species that overpopulates, a natural culling usually takes place to bring some sort of balance back to the environment. While this flu pandemic likely won't kill 4 billion people, it's at least a start in the planet saying, "There are too many of you and I'm tired of you destroying everything." Kind of like what's going on in Florida and the wave of destructive hurricanes.

Now, before anyone starts comparing me to Hitler or something, think logically - not emotionally - about this. You see this happen with animal populations all over. If too many wolves move into a forest and eat all the deer, the wolves start to die off before balance is restored. I see the impending pandemic as something similar. Maybe it's time humans learn to think smart about overpopulation.


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