Monday, April 25, 2005

I know most of my posts have focused on religion in the US lately, but it needs to be talked about and fought. I don't know how many of you have been following this ridiculous move by Republicans in the Senate to kill long held, traditional fillibuster rules so they can push their conservative (i.e. radical) judicial nominees through. What's fucked up is that these hypocrites did the exact same thing Clinton was in office. It's all coming to light now. Read this: Flip Flop?.

When a judge with a brain rules against what radicals in this country feel is right, they spew out the same, tired rhetoric: they're "activist judges." Yet, the GOP is doing everything thye can to put people on the bench with their own activist agenda. Truthfully, these so-called "activist" judges on the bench now are the few remaining that are protecting our Constitution. Guess what? Gay marriage isn't a threat! Abortiion isn't your fucking business unless YOU are the one who is pregnant! YOU don't have the right to prevent women from getting a prescription! If the GOP had its way, we'd have judges who would rule based on the Bible and not common sense and our laws.

So, as this things continues to get more political, today we learn a large group of religious whack jobs are once again using churches and pulpits to interfere in our governmental duties. US Christian Conservatives Take Aim at Filibusters. This, my friends, is fucked up beyond belief. Last time I checked, the Constitution of our country clearly stated that church and state should always remain SEPARATE. Meaning, neither should wield influence over the other. Yet, it seems a large, radical group of religious leaders and their following of millions of brainless sheep have decided to take over this country and push their beliefs on the rest of us.

A number of these criminal, corrupt politicians (both sides of the aisle are guilty of being whores to special interests), now have the balls to not only criticize Democrats for holding up judicial nominees, but also criticize the few Republicans that actually have a set of balls and don't agree with the proposed rule changes.

You might recall last year the GOP changed ethics rules to protect the criminal from Texas, Tom DeLay. His day IS coming, it finally appears, but it was a blatant slap in the face of every single American. The GOP and conservatives are out of control.

"As American citizens we should not have to choose between believing and living what is in this book and by serving the public," said president Tony Perkins, holding a Bible in one hand and a gavel in the other.

While these religious "leaders" talk about moral ground, they have become just as corrupt as their political whores. The Bible does not, and should not, determine what happens in our courts. If you fucking rejects want to live in a country ruled by religion, move to Saudi Arabia. America is NOT a theocracy, yet millions of people are doing their damndest to see to it that that changes. Those who continue to push this country to the right are imposing beliefs on millions of others who DO NOT AGREE WITH YOU.

Anyway, I hope every day that the GOP will do what I expect them to do with their power: go too far. They're oh-so-close to doing it. Terry Schiavo. The courts. Tom DeLay. The energy bill. Keep it coming, folks. Election day will hurt.


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