Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Well, congrats to the Catholics of the world. You've taken another two steps backward in reality. I'm really shocked Benedict XVI was chosen. Forget the fact that he already has one foot in the grave. Pope JP2 was conservative enough as it was. He ignored the population explosion. Ignored the molestation epidemic in the US Church. Ignored (like most devout Catholics) that people are HUMAN, make mistakes and are sexual beings. Ignored the dwindling numbers of priests in the church ("Hey, I got a solution! Let's keep women out!"). And ignored the economic ramifications of the church's sexual/moral policies.

So, what do the old men in red do? They elect someone even WORSE! This idiot thinks that instead of building strong relationships with Muslims, Catholics should CONVERT them! Talk about a cult. AIDS and other STDs will continue to rampage across the planet while this old geezer talks about abstinence (hey, it's worked so well for the church, so why not? /end sarcasm) Until the day Benedict dies, the world is stuck with a large cult that keeps its blinders on. All hail the new Pope. Good luck, morons.


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