Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I can't wait until this NYC 2012 campaign is finally put into the shitter. I've lived in the NY metro area my entire life. It's nice. But it's too goddamn crowded and traffic here is a nightmare. I've been watching with great interest how the powers that be have tried to bring the 2012 Olympics to NYC. First, it was NY's Mayor Mike Bloomburg who decided, "Hey! I got a great idea! Let's fuck the decrepit schools and crumbling infrastructure and let's put a stadium in the worst place possible using taxpayer money!" Fortunately, that idea has now been permanently shot down and NY is now promoting a new stadium in Queens - which is what they should have done in the first place - with the NY Mets footing the bill.

That aside, there's another reason NY doesn't deserve the Olympics: NY CAN'T HANDLE IT! Let me give you a perfect idea of what I mean. I was away last week on a business trip to CA. I flew out of JFK. My trip was relatively painless, save the long layovers. However, upon my return, my plane sat on the goddamn runway for 45 MINUTES. Why? A plane was blockign our gate. We waited. And waited....

After the brain surgeons running JFK figured this dilemma out and we taxied to our gate, we took a quick walk to the baggage area. Mind you, one of the baggage HANDLERS told everyone on the plane via in-plane PA where our luggage would be. Well, another arrival and more than 45 minutes later, our luggage is nowhere to be found. What the hell is going on? Even the dimwits in the baggae claim office didn't know what was going on. During the entire hour, not one JFK or Delta employee tried to find out what happened to a plane load of luggage or even acknowledge there were a few hundred really pissed off people.

Now, this exact same thing happened to me last year upon returning from my honeymoon, only we sat on the runway for over an hour and then had to navigate in the third world-like baggage area courtesy of American Airlines. On a previous trip to Oregon (which was very relaxing, btw), my luggage was lost at JFK. The place is a fucking nightmare!!

During that time, I went to the men's room. And, I'm being dead honest here: I've seen better conditions in India (a third world country). It was a fucking dump! Water was all over the floor (I think it was only water), paper towels were overflowing out of the garbage, towels were clogging the sinks, a toilet was stuffed up and overflowed and it wreaked of urine. Real nice. And this is the place you dumb shits supporting NYC 2012 plan on welcoming the world to? I'll pass, thanks.

Finally, anyone who has driven on the highways anywhere within 25 miles of NYC or JFK can attest to the fact that the roads are probably in the worst shape they've ever been in. As an American, I'd be embarrassed by this place having the Olympics here.

So, to the Olympics Committee, I hope NY is a distant choice in your decision for the 2012 Games. This area can't even come close to handling our own citizens, much less the hundreds of thousands that are sure to descend on us if the Games were held here.


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