Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Another example of how brainwashed people are getting. I've seen this happen all over the place. A few months ago, some lady looked at her door in her kitchen and all of a sudden was "overwhelmed" by the presence of Jesus. Two wood panels had been glued together (the way most lightweight doors are made) and whackjobs were convinced Mary was sending a Christmas message. These people had a line out the door.

Bette Shober (L) and Joanne Vrablik (R) take a closer look at what people believe to be an image of the Virgin Mary under a freeway underpass in Chicago, April 18, 2005. Police said the image might have been caused by stains from road salt that dripped from the Kennedy expressway onto the wall, but hundreds of believers have been coming to the underpass to view the image and pray at the spot. REUTERS/John Gress

Now, we have people praying at the bottom of an underpass. Ya gotta be kidding me!

I think I'm going to get some oil and smear a face with a beard on the side of a building and see how many people will believe me that it's a sign that some bogeyman in the sky has paid a visit. I might even sell tickets. I'll be rich.


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