Monday, April 18, 2005

Ah, I knew it would only be a few days before I found another assinine example of our legal system being out of control and our country sliding into a deeper social hole because of our culture of entitlement. Read part of this news story:

The parents of a Bennington College student who died after falling through the window of a campus building are considering taking legal action against the school.

Dennis Muzzi, the father of 20-year-old Kelly Muzzi, said that while the college didn't design the window to break, he wondered what the school could have done to prevent the fall.

Meanwhile, Assistant State Fire Marshall Michael Skaza said in a report about the accident issued on Friday that the school hadn't violated any building codes by not having safety glass installed in the window.

Muzzi said he and wife Andrea Thorne found little consolation in Skaza's report.

``Kelly got hurt and the school has some responsibility,'' he said. ``I'm sure in the future at some time there will be further action with this.''

Kelly Muzzi, of Troy, Mich., and Laura Jawitz, 19, of New Haven, Conn., had been rehearsing a dance in a studio at the college when a plate glass window they leaned on broke. The two women fell about 20 feet onto a brick patio.

Muzzi died from her injuries April 1. Jawitz was initially listed in critical condition, but she has since been released from the hospital.

During a visit to the school, Dennis Muzzi spoke with students and a professor who told him it was accepted practice for students to use the windows as though they were walls that could be leaned against.

Skaza's report said the school hadn't violated any building codes for the building, which opened in 1974.

Skaza said in his report that not until the late 1970s did building code regulators begin instituting requirements for safety glass in all areas that might reasonably be exposed to impact from people.

So let me get this straight. The college followed all legal building code rules. TWO girls pressed their bodies onto a large plate glass window (which I'm guessing is a total of at least 200 lbs of pressure), break it, and yet somehow it was not the girls' fault, but the schools. Someone explain this fucked up logic to me.

Look, it sucks hard that this girl died. It's very sad. But let's stop trying to look for scapegoats when an ACCIDENT happened. At best, the school can issue a ruling to students to not touch these windows to prevent another accident. But since these parents feel the school is at fault for what their ADULT daughter did and there is without a doubt some scumbag lawyer involved, the school is now going to have to spend money to fight a frivolous lawsuit.

A note to the parents: Nothing is going to bring back your daughter, even a multi-million dollar settlement.


At 11:50 PM , Blogger This Girl said...

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At 11:53 PM , Blogger This Girl said...

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At 12:17 AM , Blogger This Girl said...

You fucking inconsiderate asshole. Why don't you fully read into a story before making assumptions that lead to some of the most offensive statements I have ever read. I am Kelly Muzzi's sister. The two girls did not throw their bodies into the window. They actually were choreographing a dance, and they somehow PLACED their hands on the window. There was not 200 lbs. of pressure. They weren’t even in motion (such as running or jumping) when they came in contact with the glass. The window was only ½ an inch thick. The windows had been installed more than 30 years ago, before today’s building safety codes had been created. Also, just three years ago, a student was merely leaning on one of the windows and it shattered. Yet the school did nothing but replace the window with the same material. So now, please tell me how the school was not at least somewhat responsible for what happened. My sister was a better person than you will ever, and could ever hope, to be. We are very well aware that no amount of money will bring her back, so thank you also for that, idiot. I hope you get a lot of sleazy pleasure from sitting around your computer writing up ridiculously offensive and hurtful little opinions on "why the world sucks." and please, feel free to contact me at because I would very much like to talk to you some more. And here what you have to say for yourself. Humor me, please, you pathetic excuse for human being.

At 1:18 AM , Blogger secretnatasha said...

If you're going to be holier-than-thou, you could at least learn how to spell the word "asinine" correctly.

The operative phrase in your post is "I'm guessing." You don't actually know anything about the situation other than what was presented in the article, so you might want to think twice before posting a hackneyed tirade against our "culture of entitlement," and get some more information first.

Civil lawsuits are one of the few ways that regular folks can have grievances addressed when there has been no crime committed. It's not your job to decide whose claims are baseless and whose are legitimate--that's for the judge and jury to decide. They are qualified to do so because--once again--THEY HAVE THE INFORMATION. And you don't.

I suppose you didn't think about the fact that Kelly's family and friends (of which I am one) might come upon this nasty little rant while we're still in the midst of our pain and grief. The internet is not a closed system, and we're out here, reading this tripe and feeling pretty damn pissed about you maligning the Muzzis for taking the only legal recourse allowed them in a situation like this.

Pretty sick. Pretty lame.

At 10:04 PM , Blogger mom49 said...

I am the mother of the young woman who died after the tragic accident at Bennington College.
The previous 2 authors are correct in everything they said.
Please take a moment to consider the pain that we are experiencing upon the loss of our daughter. Please put yourself in our shoes- how would you feel if your sibling dies in an accident that should never have happened? Your comments have caused my daughter, friend,and myself more pain.
Please consider something else to do with your time. There are many people who need our help in this world. Your time here on Earth would be much better spent if you could be helpful to others.
My daughters are wonderful examples of young people who have been contributing to make this world better. Perhaps you could follow their example.
Please consider an apology.
Thank you.

At 2:34 AM , Blogger miarose1983 said...

To Kelly's family and friends,

My name is Monique, i come from Quebec, Canada. let me tell you that i am so so very sorry about your daughter's death. I just read the article, and my heart goes to you all. In 1986, I lost one of my sister when i was in Africa with my husband and 2 children. My sister died in a car crash from a drunk driver. i was coming back from Africa when I heard the news from my mother, I was in Paris with my 2 kids...and believe me, the pain of losing her is very real, plus i arrived too late for the viewing and funeral..there is not a day I do not think about her.She had a daughter of 5 years old. Life is extremely cruel. When I see such young lives taken i hurt inside, and you are part of the people i hurt for. You are in my heard without forgetting Kelly, and i am sending you my prayers and my heartfelt thoughts. and for the ones who wrote these shameful comments, you will always have a bad Karma, hopefully. Hoping that one day , if you haven't already, you lose someone you love the most. Do you know what it is like losing a sister, daughter, you are the devil incarnated in your body. I wish you lots of pain, regrets for what you said, sorrows, for the rest of your lives..There is a fare God, who doesn't take only the bad people like you but also the extraordinary ones ( like Kelly ) into his loving arms.

And going back the the family and friends of Kelly, just to tell you she is still with you, in Spirit, love, she sends you smiles, and each time you think of her, she is there beside you all...I admire your courage...


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