Monday, November 06, 2006

Are Evangelicals and Ostriches the Same?

Like I predicted below, it was only a matter of time before Rev. Ted Haggard came clean and was expelled from his Evangelical empire. This whole situation is disgusting - not because of what he did, but because of how hypocritical these supposed Christians are. I was following the news reports over the weekend, heard his apology and what his wife said. I also saw what his "followers" were saying about him.

It's ironic that this guy was part of a religious sect that claims to live a peaceful life, follow the teachings of a fairy tale character of peace, yet promote such hatred and bigotry at the same time. This guy - who is clearly gay - was made to feel so ashamed of who he is that he was forced to live a double life. He was made to believe being a normal human being - who happens to be gay - is a sin. A crime, even. And now he's been expelled. Ostracized from the very movement he built up.

I'm still waiting for a real explanation on what made this man "sexually immoral." Because he pursued his true feelings? Sure it is a moral crime to deceive your wife and family. but any of these hypocrites would have done the same had the tables been turned.

I began to wonder maybe this would force thee head-in-the-sand sheep to re-evaluate some of their outdated beliefs. But, after seeing some worshipers at his "church" it became clear that they are so brainwashed and close-minded into following this Evangelical path of bigotry and false teachings that not even their leader coming to terms with WHO HE IS DESPITE BEING TOLD OTHERWISE can make them see the light. How pathetic. What would Jesus do, indeed. I don't recall hearing any stories in the Bible where Jesus turned into a gay basher.


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