Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Radicals Upset They Can't Control Supreme Court

I love this. While I'm no fan of President Bush (I think he's an idiot through and through), I'm chuckling at the howling coming from religious conservatives over Bush's nomination of Harriet Miers. What's the hubbub? Well, many are simply saying she's not qualified since she's never been a judge before. Funny, William Renquist wasn't either and he served as Chief Justice for, what 20 years?. No, this is all about the smoke and mirrors abortion game. Ms. Miers is a known born-again Evangelical Christian. So, logic would follow that she'd be a shoe-in for these right-wing fanatics. But, no. It's not that simple apparently. Why? Well, a good friend of hers this week said while she holds certain personal views regarding issues like abortion (of which the government should have absolutely NO say and should never be an issue in politics) she would uphold the LAW instead. So, right-wing radicals are crying foul. Hey, assholes, that's what a Supreme Court judge is SUPPOSED TO DO!!

The Supreme Court is not supposed to be used as a tool to push some radical social agenda. It's not to be used to prevent people who love and care for each other to get married. It's not to be a tool to supress women's rights. It's not supposed to be a tool to force theocracy on the rest of the nation. The Court's job is to UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Get over it.

If Ms. Miers happens to follow in the footsteps of Judge O'Connor, then all the better. The woman is a voice of REASON on the court, unlike the radical schmucks like Scalia and Thomas who openly push a far right-wing agenda. So, to all you Bible-thumping morons who cry and yell about this nominee, wake the fuck up and smell the coffee. This is a free country and isn't for you to control or impose your backwards agendas on.


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