Monday, November 28, 2005

It's that wonderful time of year again...

Black Friday. Merchants and economists use this term to describe the Friday after Thanksgiving because it marks when retailers traditionally go from being in the red to in the black. To me, though, Black Friday describes a day in which the worst in people in the US really come out. Take, for instance, the near riots we saw at WalMarts across the country on Friday.

I'm so sick and tired of my fellow American white trash willing to throw every single ounce of dignity out the window for pure consumerism. My god, people. Show some fucking class!! Xmas has become such a sickening time of year here. It's no longer a holiday based in tradiion and family. It's all about how much shit you can get from other people. I see people from all walks of life buying tons of crap either they can't readily afford, or the recipients aren't very deserving. I saw the news like everyone else. Human trash storming through the doors at WalMarts across the land, literally trampling over those who fell.

Gimme gimme gimme.

Did anyone see the video of the fat black lady who lost her wig? Did anyone help her? No. They jumped right over her while she put her hair back on and managed to lift her 400 pound body off the ground. How about the video of four security officers tackling that raging animal at another store? It's fucking CHRISTMAS people!!! Not a time to riot because you can't get your spolied brat a stupid video game!!!

People are hanging Xmas decorations the day after Halloween. The malls are playing holiday music 3 weeks before the holidays even begin. It's absolutely disgusting.

The sad thing is, I see no end to this crazy shit. People have bcome so materially obsessed with stuff and it's only getting worse every year.


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